Who is Damedo?

wpid-img_20150911_161025.jpgThis is me. A Finnish lady. Mother of two. Wife to one. I was born on 9th June 1980, so I fall into star sign of Gemini. Some of its description describes me, some of it doesn’t.

I’m a writer, a dreamer and a complicated human being. As we all are.

I have a degree of bachelor of business administration and a qualification in communication (media/creative writing). I write, constantly. Poems. Short stories. Even scripts of a novel. Been working at some newspaper companies, and recently started again. Loving it! Working on my novel-to-come. You’ll see. It’s in Finnish, though. Sorry, folks. Someone needs to translate it.

I have visited London (and fell totally in love with it), Torremolinos (Spain), Stockholm (Sweden) and Tallinn (Estonia) apart of my own land. I would love to travel a whole lot more. See the world.

So. I love words. I love travelling. I love animals and the nature. I look up to people who have followed their dreams and made them real. I would like to learn from them.

This blog is about my thoughts, my life and my writing. It’s kind of a public diary of mine.

Stay tuned.


What do you think?

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