The personality

Somebody said: “You have your own personality – and that is good.”

I overheard this statement lately and started to really think about what does it mean. What does the one who says this want to say? Actually when hearing this I suddenly felt a bit offended without any reason, really. That was the reason why I started to ponder upon this one.

Don’t we all have our own personalities? Some of us are not just so aggressive and pushy than the others. When saying this statement mentioned above, what kind of a personality does this mean? The pushy ones?

The things I assume/interpret it to mean could be one of the following:

  • You are very different from me and I want you to know it, and it’s okay.
  • There’s something very odd in you, but I try to be polite when mentioning it to you, and adding ‘that is good’ should do the trick of “politing” it up.
  • I respect your personality, being openly just as you are and not trying to be anything else.

So, from my point of view when saying that someone says that someone else has ‘her/his own personality’ it is actually a polite way of saying: whoah, you’re so not like me! How can you be so different?

But the question remains. To who are we about to say these words? What kind of a personality is “the own personality”?

I consider that it would be said to confident people. The ones who don’t really care what others think about them. The ones that are somehow little different from the rest of us. The ones who laugh the loudest. The ones who wear pink hair and 3-inch nails.

The ones who keep it coming no matter what.


Okay, it’s cool, and I respect all these kinds of people. But I’m not one of them. Does it mean I don’t have my own personality, then?

But then again, I could agree with that some of us try so much to be nice to others that they somehow forget who they are. Those people who are willing to give up of anything if it doesn’t please others. But does it mean they don’t have their own personality?

I don’t think so.

We all do.

Not all of us are so pushy with our own opinions, or our needs and wants. Some of us are more easily satisified, some of us are able to do compromises. Would you call that kind of a person as a her/his ‘own personality’? If someone is shy and quiet and tends to withdraw from any confrontations, doesn’t this one have her/his own personality?

Sure (s)he does!

I think that we all do have that something inside of us that makes us, us. Who we are when we are completely alone, what we think inside of our heads. Not all of us are so different from others from the outside, but inside of us there is this ‘personality’. The thing that doesn’t change when times do. The thing I know I am no matter what.

And the thing is, we don’t need to try to be anything else than we feel inside we are.

It is good. It’s enough, and it is good. And so are you.

So, when I felt offended without any reason, I interpreted this statement was meant to be a compliment to the other. And in the same time I thought that because I’m very different from the person who this was said to, I can’t be approved or admired in the same way. And that was the silent insult for me, for being too lame. But actually, me getting offended had nothing to do with the statement or the reason it was said. It was my own interpretation of my own worth, and it was my attitude that made me value myself lower than those who were speaking.

It surely didn’t mean I don’t have my own personality, for I do. As we all. And as I just wrote above, we all are good enough. We are different from others for a reason.

And the most relieving realization I have ever made was this: I don’t have to be anything other than me.

I don’t. And neither do you.

If you’re aggressive, keep being, if you’re not deliberately hurting others.
If you’re shy, keep being, if you don’t feel it’s restricting your ability to get on with your life.
If you’re the one who laughs the loudest, keep laughing.
If you get easily emotional over things, keep on feeling.

You are the only one who knows who you really are. Don’t ever forget it, or feel ashamed of it. Be proud that you are you, that nobody on this planet is exactly the same as you.

Let’s keep on being amazing!


The change

a change is gonna come, he said
it has been a long time coming, he said,
but I know that the change is gonna come.

yeah, right, I said
the change may come, I said,
but not all changes are for better, you know.

you can’t help what you like, he said

you can’t, I said,
and the sad part of it is it hurts so bad.

you know what you could lose, he said,
all hope when you’ve got mountains to move.

if there wouldn’t be any hope in the world, I said
it would be so much easier, I said
just close your eyes and fade away.

everything will change, he said
i will be better in time, he said,
and so will you.

i wish i could believe you, i said
it’s hard to accept that, i said
there’s nothing to be done.

i’m gonna try, he said,
i don’t have to be anything else than me.

and you shall not be, i said,
the problem is, i don’t know who you are anymore,
who am i.

if you miss me, don’t, he said,
if i’m never gonna see you again, I won’t.

that’s very true, I said
and it’s better that way, I said,
I’m glad even one of us has the strength.

i guess i win, he said,
so goodbye again.

again, i said
over and over again, i said,


I have been more or less unable to speak last 4 days now. All I can do is make a whisper even though it feels in my throat like I was shouting as hard as I can.

I have had time to think, then. And I have realized how tremendous role does our voice have in our lives. I have discovered plenty of situations where I should’ve been able to use my voice; in other words speak. Situations that haven’t mattered before, have become huge touchstones.

Just imagine:

  • getting into your bus to be able to travel to work. Yeah.
  • going to a café to have a latte. Yeah.
  • seeing your small kid climbing on the table and not realizing she’s on the edge… yeah. (I better have quick reflexes, right?)
  • singing along your favorite music. Yeah. This part totally sucks.

I started to think that the voice is something very important to all of us. Not just for some gavindegraws, but all of us. It’s the one tool we keep giving from ourselves to others.

What do we give?

Our thoughts, our feelings, our support, advices, jokes, warnings… All that we are.

Voice – or better said – the ability to speak and share thoughts is one of the things that make us humans. Make us who we really are. Make us connect to others.

Thank god there’s Twitter, Facebook, text messages, letters and all that stuff. I would have felt pretty devastated otherwise.

I have never before considered voice that important. Well, surely it’s one of the first things about us that others can see (or hear), gives the image of ourselves, but it has been more like a given to me that we have a voice.

That I can speak.

I have thought that I’m not talking that much usually, but being totally unable to communicate with others is just horrible. I have learned that I *do* talk pretty much. In situations I haven’t concidered as talking in the first place.

When all I can do is nod or shake my head, it kinda restricts my ability to have control over my life.

Doesn’t the Bible tell us that God created the world by speaking? “Let there be light”, he said, right?

In a way I agree. Speaking out is the (well, not the only) way making things to happen. A couple of days ago there was this “Ask Me Anything” -thing on Reddit with (you might guess) mr Gavin DeGraw and I kinda connect this to the same thing. He didn’t answer any of my questions, though, but if I hadn’t made any, I wouldn’t even had a chance for it. I needed to “speak out” to participate. I’m glad I didn’t have to do it by Skype or anything! Ha!

If you go to a café, you need to “speak out” – they will have hard time trying to understand what you want otherwise.

Language, words, voice.

I guess that’s my holy trinity.

But, does writing the words do the trick, too? I love writing, but using voice brings life to the words. Brings the whole new aspect or dimension to them. Or using only your voice, as when singing without any words, can relay so much feelings.

Oh! Just got it! See:

  • WORDS: information
  • VOICE: feelings

When you know how to use your voice, you can magnetically charm others, using your own feelings, the depths of your soul, your whole being; others – who are able to feel as well – cannot be other than charmed.

I don’t know. Just playing with the thought. What do you think?

As a wrap up I think that as it is with every really meaningful thing in life, it is with voice as well: you never know how much you appericiate it before you lose it.

Take care of your voices!


You want your wings?
I’ll give them to thee.
All the wonders of the world you will see:
the castles, forests, mountains’ height –
are all yours now, just take a sight!

But you will have these things are shown
only if you grab them alone.
You see, in being free there is a catch,
you can’t be where I’ll be at.
You take me with and all you’ll see
is me and you, and you and me.

You can’t have both, you’ll have to choose:
what will you keep,
what can you lose.
It’s your call, you know it well.
It can be heaven, it could be hell.

What ever is that you will do,
make sure you know that you are you.
Do what you love, love what you do.
That’s the only wisdom I can give to you.
In your heart you will know by now,
you just will, don’t ask me how.

So here they are, your wings brand new.
The world is waiting.
What will you do?

Fear not – just do it

Cristian Mihai blogged about fear lately. I have said this before and I will say it again: I love this man’s blog. He has very insightful thoughts and his way of expressing himself is just brilliant. I mean, he is not trying to show off with words, but it is made very obvious that he can use them in any way he wants. And I have said this before, too: I absolutely adore people who know how to use their words.


Okay, well, that was the inevitable praise -part. Now to the fear!

I guess you should see what Cristian wrote. Just click.

I agree with him. Pretty much, indeed. I have shared this same quote in my Twitter-account, Facebook-account and now here. I just feel it’s so true. It’s so true, it’s confusing.


“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”


I could add couple quotes more. How about these:

“Your life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

“If you keep doing things as you always have been doing, you keep getting what you always have been getting.”


I’m on a mission, myself. I’m evolving to a better person. I wish I am at least. I have been pondering quotes like these over and over again. They have been enlightening to me, they have said out loud what I have been quietly thinking.

There’s something magical in quotes, though. You can hear them like hundred of times and never really hear them. Untill the day you feel them in your own life. In one moment you suddenly stop and realize that ‘wait a minute, the quote was all about this!’

When it becomes real in your own reality, only then it matters. If the thought in them is just couple of words put together, it means nothing.


Fear, then. We are all but humans. We all fear new things, for they could be potentially dangerous for us. We all fear old things that have hurt us before. We all fear that the fear will keep us chained, prevents us doing the things we want most.

I fear, at least. I’m pretty damn scared about lots of things. Making decisions, for example. If the one I make is the wrong one. If there’s no going back. If I will lose it all and end up being alone and miserable.

The life is about taking chances. We have given every new day, and the new day is full of new opporturnities. Full of moments in where we could decide to behave differently. Where we could start chasing the dream we feel is the most important.

You know. I thought that this is an impossible equation: me + London + Gavin DeGraw. You know what. It wasn’t. Suddenly I found myself sitting in the concert of Gavin DeGraw in London. That was a dream that felt way to far for me. But it wasn’t. And that should be encouraging!

And it all began with taking the first step. The little one. It’s not assumed that we should jump into the scary thing head over heels (we can do that, too, if we’re brave enough, there’s nothing wrong in that one, either), but we can start with a tiny step.
So small it feels no step at all.
But the thing that changes when we do this is our own attitude. Our willingness to change makes the change possible.

Our willingness to face the fear makes the fear slip away.

It has been told that in a nightmare you should stop running and turn around and face the hidious monster that’s coming after you – and you will survive. The unknown is the most scary part in fear. The if-part. And like Cristian wrote: the thing he can’t make it absolutely sure that he will succeed if moving in US. I know this feeling pretty well, myself. I have always been one of a securer. I only do things when I’m 101 % sure I won’t fail.

But you know what? The life isn’t secure. The life is about chances. You will never get anywhere if you want to make sure your feet don’t get cold.

It feels harsh sometimes to realize that there’s nothing to be taken as granted in life. Nothing. But on the other hand it should give us hope, for every moment is a new chance. This moment.

The thing you need to do is the first step.


One more quote:

“You need to be brave only the first 20 seconds. The rest of it takes care of itself.”


The first step. The first 20 seconds. Be the one. You can do it.

I mean it. You can.

The secret of happiness

You read it correctly. This is it. I finally found out what it is about being happy. It’s not a secret, really, for I think that anyone could come to the same conclusion if they just wanted.

And this is it: The secret of happiness is not knowing anything better.

Yeah, I know, it might sound a bit, umm, harsh. But let me explain.

One of my friend told me once a story about a disabled boy, who had never felt communion with others. Who had always been bullied, neglected, left alone, and had never played anything with other kids. Then one day the coach of the local football team for kids took this boy with him to the training game and let him play with others. It went extremely well and this boy was happier than he had ever been before.

When I heard this I was moved, I felt happy for this boy. I felt that the coach had made the very best thing that was in his power to do. But my friend here, had another point of view. She said that that boy shouldn’t be treated like that, he shouldn’t be taken as a part of the group ‘for pity’s sake’. She said that this boy couldn’t never be truly one of them, so he shouldn’t have had the opporturnity to experience it at all.

I didn’t get her point. I disagreed so bad. We argued about it, too. We never actually understood each other. But now, as I think about this, I think that she might have had a point in that.

I mean, I’m still glad about the thought that this boy was this happy and could have this experience. But nowadays I think also how might have he felt later on. If he had experienced something that good, why wouldn’t he wanted to have that good feeling again? And if he wouldn’t have been able to do it again, wouldn’t it have made him feel frustrated, annoyed, unhappy, even sad? If he wanted something he couldn’t have, wouldn’t it had made him unhappy?

Well, there’s different ways of deal with what the life brings you, I agree. Someone would be happy with the one good experience and cherish it in one’s memory, be grateful for it. But I think that it would be more human way of behaviour to feel frustrated, or unhappy if the one time experience wouldn’t be achievable ever again. From this point of view it would have been better if the boy wouldn’t have been able to experience it at all as far as the happiness is regarded.

It has been said that the simply ones are the most happy persons. And also that the knowledge will increase the suffering. And I must agree with these statements, despite of how simple and naivistic they sound. Because I believe that a human can’t ever be truly happy with the situation he is at if he knows that there would be something better in the world that he might be able to get. Or even if it was something he wouldn’t be able to get, but someone else would be.

We envy. We desire. We want. We wish. We dream. And there’s nothing wrong in having dreams. I have written before that the ability to dream is one thing that makes us all humans. The ability to see how things could be better, and do them, too.

And I do agree that there are persons who can be happy with their lives, and I believe that they have found something the others are missing. They don’t want anything other than what they already have. The poor isn’t the one who has little, but the one who wants more. When thinking it through in this way it seems rather obvious that not knowing anything better would make happiness so much easier.

I once read a story about siamese twins who said that they living together in the same body kind of, was just normal to them, that ‘they don’t know anything else’. And they were rather happy with their life as it was. When I think about it, being trapped in the same body with someone else for my whole life, it feels… horrible. Not being able to decide what to wear, where to go, how to act, not being able to step away from that person or be alone – ever. That’s horrible, for me. But these girls said ‘it’s normal, we don’t know anything else’.

They were happy about their situation, for they didn’t know anything better.

I guess that knowing a lot and still being happy and content with the life as it is, is a goal we all should try to get. Where I’m trying to get, all the time. Maybe Aristotle had it right when saying: ‘Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.’

And that could indeed be the most difficult thing in human existence, as well.


The point of this post is this: we are all nothing but strangers. We are all individuals with our own dreams and needs and thoughts. There’s nobody out there that’s perfectly similar to me. But that shouldn’t keep us apart. That could be the ultimate reason to get to know others better, don’t you think?

Just someone
A couple of days ago someone I didn’t know started a conversation with me when I was waiting for my bus. That’s actually quite common that strangers at the same bus stop say ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ at least if they see each other like every day. But this was slightly different, for her acted as we knew already and started to tell me stories of her life.
“Oh, it’s been twenty years since I traveled by bus last time”, she said. “I’ve started a new job and I thought I should try it again.”
I replied politely, but I wasn’t really looking forward to continue that conversation.
“What time do you travel back?” she asked.
Okay, well, this was going a bit too far for me. I don’t have anything against that strangers talk to me, but I’m not comfortable sharing info of my daily routines.
She didn’t see my uneasiness and kept babbling in very friendly way, and finally I found myself talking with her in the same manner.
And suddenly I was thinking celebrities. Ha. I always seem to think them. But this thought hit me like a lightning: to celebs everyone is a stranger.
Let me explain this little further.
Obviously I don’t mean their own friends or family, but just about anyone. And actually, if I think this more, everyone is a stranger to anybody, too. But I got this vision about a celeb, so let’s take a better view of it.
A fan feels s/he knows the celeb and wants to have a chat with him/her. All I have thought before is just this fan’s point of view: I love someone, have a deep respect for someone’s work and talents, so it’s the most natural thing to do, actually, to have a chat.
But now I suddenly realized that a fan is just a stranger to the celeb. Like this woman was to me.
I suddenly could imagine how it would feel for a celeb who isn’t prepared to meet fans and is suddenly bumped into them. This willingness of being polite, because that’s what’s expected, actually, but secretly wishing at the same time that the ‘somebody’ would just leave them alone.
Well, I’m not sure if they’re in some ready-mode all the time, because these are people who love them nonetheless. And this woman was not a fan of mine, I’m pretty sure about that. She was just being friendly and I actually enjoyed having this unexpected conversation with her when I managed to come over my instinctive hesitation.
I wonder if the celebs feel this hesitation, too. If they are wondering how on earth can they just bugger off without being rude. If they would just want to enjoy their free time alone sometimes. You know, I would!
This thought somehow opened my eyes. It’s always enlightening to see things from someone else’s point of view.
They don’t see inside our heads (of course if they’re not edwardcullens), they don’t know about the thoughts we have had about them (thank god), they don’t feel the love we’re feeling, they don’t know us. Let me say that again: they don’t know us. I know me, I know my thoughts, my respect, my love, my admiration – and in some way I feel this mystical connection to this image of a celeb I have made up in my head – and I think this person should feel it too. But you know what? They don’t know us.
We are just strangers to them.
And in the end, they are just strangers to us.

My possession
If we turn this another way around and try to understand this conversation through this woman’s eyes, what could we see? I think she just is that friendly and talkative and just thought that it’s nice to chat with someone instead of standing quietly and staring in the distance as no other person existed at all. Maybe she was a bit anxious to start a new job, to take a bus for a first time for twenty years.
But would she have started the conversation if I was, umm, somehow very different from her? If I had spiky purple hair and huge tattoos around my neck and I was wearing  very short skirt and needles through my skin?
I truly don’t know. I have seen this woman several times after that and she seems to know just about everyone. So, I think it’s just her. She’s just that social person, so social it was a bit awkward for me at first.
How about the fan’s point of view, then?
I have been doing some research of my own in Twitter lately. I have been checking out the responses celebs get to their tweets. And suddenly I was thinking something like, gosh, do we truly think we own these people?
I got this strange feeling that the fans, umm, that it isn’t about admiration, or love, or respect anymore. It’s about possession. This particular celeb is mine. My own. Nobody else can touch him, speak to him, see him, or tweet him. And I want/need/will get him to answer my tweets, whatever I need to do, I’ll do.
It’s become somehow wild and aggressive for me, the way we treat our idols. And I find it bit confusing. I feel embarrassed when reading some responses. I mean, come on. If it is demanded to be like that to be able to call oneself a fan of someone, then you can count me out. I’m not one of anybody’s in that case.
I guess it’s about getting their attention. We all love them, and we want to be seen by them, but… You know. We don’t own them. Let me say this again: We don’t own them. We don’t. Just as they don’t know us, we don’t own them.
We have this image of them in our heads, and when it’s strong enough, it starts blurring with the real person, it starts to have an effect in our minds – not them, obviously, for they have no idea of our thoughts whatsoever.
It’s not our right of decision to make them, you know, like us back. They don’t have to. They do their own decisions, no matter what we would want them to do. And that is the reason we love them, actually, isn’t it? We wouldn’t want them in any other way. I wouldn’t anyways.
They are just as strange to us as we are to them. And they are real persons behind the image. Maybe we should keep that in mind when tweeting them.