The change

a change is gonna come, he said
it has been a long time coming, he said,
but I know that the change is gonna come.

yeah, right, I said
the change may come, I said,
but not all changes are for better, you know.

you can’t help what you like, he said

you can’t, I said,
and the sad part of it is it hurts so bad.

you know what you could lose, he said,
all hope when you’ve got mountains to move.

if there wouldn’t be any hope in the world, I said
it would be so much easier, I said
just close your eyes and fade away.

everything will change, he said
i will be better in time, he said,
and so will you.

i wish i could believe you, i said
it’s hard to accept that, i said
there’s nothing to be done.

i’m gonna try, he said,
i don’t have to be anything else than me.

and you shall not be, i said,
the problem is, i don’t know who you are anymore,
who am i.

if you miss me, don’t, he said,
if i’m never gonna see you again, I won’t.

that’s very true, I said
and it’s better that way, I said,
I’m glad even one of us has the strength.

i guess i win, he said,
so goodbye again.

again, i said
over and over again, i said,


2 thoughts on “The change

  1. What I really like about this poem is the way it tells so much in so few words.

    “i guess i win” – it’s sobering to think that those words could be used (or thought) in such a situation. But I guess they often are.

    1. I wish I could take the credit of that brilliancy, but actually that line is borrowed. That’s the line that makes me think so bad. That’s something, I don’t know, it just brakes my heart.

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