You want your wings?
I’ll give them to thee.
All the wonders of the world you will see:
the castles, forests, mountains’ height –
are all yours now, just take a sight!

But you will have these things are shown
only if you grab them alone.
You see, in being free there is a catch,
you can’t be where I’ll be at.
You take me with and all you’ll see
is me and you, and you and me.

You can’t have both, you’ll have to choose:
what will you keep,
what can you lose.
It’s your call, you know it well.
It can be heaven, it could be hell.

What ever is that you will do,
make sure you know that you are you.
Do what you love, love what you do.
That’s the only wisdom I can give to you.
In your heart you will know by now,
you just will, don’t ask me how.

So here they are, your wings brand new.
The world is waiting.
What will you do?


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