Fear not – just do it

Cristian Mihai blogged about fear lately. I have said this before and I will say it again: I love this man’s blog. He has very insightful thoughts and his way of expressing himself is just brilliant. I mean, he is not trying to show off with words, but it is made very obvious that he can use them in any way he wants. And I have said this before, too: I absolutely adore people who know how to use their words.


Okay, well, that was the inevitable praise -part. Now to the fear!

I guess you should see what Cristian wrote. Just click.

I agree with him. Pretty much, indeed. I have shared this same quote in my Twitter-account, Facebook-account and now here. I just feel it’s so true. It’s so true, it’s confusing.


“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”


I could add couple quotes more. How about these:

“Your life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

“If you keep doing things as you always have been doing, you keep getting what you always have been getting.”


I’m on a mission, myself. I’m evolving to a better person. I wish I am at least. I have been pondering quotes like these over and over again. They have been enlightening to me, they have said out loud what I have been quietly thinking.

There’s something magical in quotes, though. You can hear them like hundred of times and never really hear them. Untill the day you feel them in your own life. In one moment you suddenly stop and realize that ‘wait a minute, the quote was all about this!’

When it becomes real in your own reality, only then it matters. If the thought in them is just couple of words put together, it means nothing.


Fear, then. We are all but humans. We all fear new things, for they could be potentially dangerous for us. We all fear old things that have hurt us before. We all fear that the fear will keep us chained, prevents us doing the things we want most.

I fear, at least. I’m pretty damn scared about lots of things. Making decisions, for example. If the one I make is the wrong one. If there’s no going back. If I will lose it all and end up being alone and miserable.

The life is about taking chances. We have given every new day, and the new day is full of new opporturnities. Full of moments in where we could decide to behave differently. Where we could start chasing the dream we feel is the most important.

You know. I thought that this is an impossible equation: me + London + Gavin DeGraw. You know what. It wasn’t. Suddenly I found myself sitting in the concert of Gavin DeGraw in London. That was a dream that felt way to far for me. But it wasn’t. And that should be encouraging!

And it all began with taking the first step. The little one. It’s not assumed that we should jump into the scary thing head over heels (we can do that, too, if we’re brave enough, there’s nothing wrong in that one, either), but we can start with a tiny step.
So small it feels no step at all.
But the thing that changes when we do this is our own attitude. Our willingness to change makes the change possible.

Our willingness to face the fear makes the fear slip away.

It has been told that in a nightmare you should stop running and turn around and face the hidious monster that’s coming after you – and you will survive. The unknown is the most scary part in fear. The if-part. And like Cristian wrote: the thing he can’t make it absolutely sure that he will succeed if moving in US. I know this feeling pretty well, myself. I have always been one of a securer. I only do things when I’m 101 % sure I won’t fail.

But you know what? The life isn’t secure. The life is about chances. You will never get anywhere if you want to make sure your feet don’t get cold.

It feels harsh sometimes to realize that there’s nothing to be taken as granted in life. Nothing. But on the other hand it should give us hope, for every moment is a new chance. This moment.

The thing you need to do is the first step.


One more quote:

“You need to be brave only the first 20 seconds. The rest of it takes care of itself.”


The first step. The first 20 seconds. Be the one. You can do it.

I mean it. You can.


What do you think?

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