Something inside us

There’s something about celebrities. I have been thinking them lately. I have been wondering that why we keep feeling attracted to them, what would be the ultimate reason for it. Would it be fame, money, good looks? Success? Our own dreams, hopes, needs?

I have come to a conclusion. I feel that there is something inside us that wants to be seen, or to be handled, or to be set free. Something we don’t know or we are afraid of. Inside of us. Not in them.

I mean, we can’t know the celebrities as they were our friends, can we? We know absolutely nothing about them but the image they have built on themselves. I took this thought a little step further. Maybe the image they have, isn’t really the one they have been building, but instead something the fans are making up in their heads. And if it starts with a fan, it must be something to do with the fan, as well.

We do these projections in every relationship, so why not in these unreal mystical connections?

I have been thinking that maybe there is something I should learn about myself or my life or the life in general from the celebs I’m the most infatuated with.

There has been times when I realized that I could say out loud my own beliefs (learned that from Darren Hayes, love him!). There has been times when I realized that taking care of myself just isn’t enough, that there is something to be done for every one of us and that every little deed counts, that you need to start local to get global (learned that from Ian Somerhalder, love him, too!).

At this moment I’m realizing things about being true to myself, being who I am, not caring about what other people might tell me, if I feel it right in my heart. That I could be part of some ideologies or communities, that I should be part of something bigger and still be able to be individually just me. You might guess. Yeah, I thank Gavin DeGraw for this phase of my life.

I have no idea what these guys would say if I told them what I have learned from them. But I love them all. I have learned a lot, and I shall be learning for ever after, I guess.

Is there someone who has taught you something? Who do you feel connected to?


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