The second take

Oh, alright. You asked for this. Well, I guess you didn’t, actually. I’m so helpless. Ha.

I might have told you already that I deeply love a guy called Gavin DeGraw. Some creep, nobody actually knows him anyways.

Not really. He’s my current, umm, subject of idolisation. Very talented musician, I could listen his music 24/7. And I mean truly mean it. I never get bored of his amazing voice. His lyrics. His appearance. Him. (Listening him at the moment, too, if you need to know.)

Anyways. I had fun when makin this next thing up. I took his songs and lyrics and put them together in a way they made a whole sentences and revealed my darkest secrets. So, in this next ‘letter’ there’s not a single word of mine, they are all his, just rearranged. And I managed to put in some my thoughts of Gavin and me, as well. Or plenty of them, I might dare to say.

I felt like I was testing my wit against his when I put the pieces together. Anyways, I loved doing this. I hope you enjoy reading it.

And remember, if you like it, it’s not me. It’s him. It’s all Gavin.

A hollow-point header

You might really be the very best man to ever suit me. I know you don’t believe it but I said it and I still mean it. I wanna be where you are and willing to get there, cause I just took a flight to make it here tonight. Don’t make me return and wake up, it’s just no climbing back.

I don’t expect you to see as I see no matter what I say. So before this goes too far I let it slip away, I’m not even close. So maybe I call this a hard lesson learned. After all anyone can see: no way this is a fair play. And finally I’m forced to face the truth: you won’t even get next to me.

I’m tired looking around rules of what I gotta do or who I’m supposed to be. I suppose I could hold it in, but you have to try it if you really gonna know.

I’m gonna try. I want to. I need to. I have to.

Oh, how can I explain? I’m taking risks here, but one thing I can say is I won’t tell you lies.

When I first heard you it was almost as if you already knew my language. I’m amazed and I’m clutching to every word you say. I have my own line of defense, somehow you broke through it all so break down your walls.

Oh, you just don’t know what you do to me, you make me want to spread my arms and fly. Yeah, what I’m feeling is hard to explain. I feel the same I did from the start.

Whenever I see you I want more. One look at that smile and I’m all yours. I have you to thank for making me so hard to please.

I think I love you, but don’t even know ya.

Damn, damn boy you do it well. You’re amazing, I’m attracted. You’re just as hot as radiation.

You’re gonna get hooked if there’s anything left I can do. I wanna give you something if you promise that you won’t tell. Just wait until the darkness falls so I can sin with you.

I know I’m easy to read, you know what to do. Patience growing thin: put up your hands and surrender to me. I wanna get lost with you.

I’m still falling.

What you wanna do now, are we headed somewhere?

I’ll be free for you anytime. Nice to meet you anyway.



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