Miracles happen

I have a pendant that says: “Miracles happen”.

I thought that when I was in Gavin DeGraw’s concert in London today. I sat there when the music played and the beat went on and suddenly I thought about miracles in life. I was thinking that ‘this is a miracle, kind of’.

And it was.

I mean. Miracles do happen, but they don’t appear up and say: “Hey, I’m your miracle, be amazed!” The real miracles are hidden and quiet ones.

The ones you only realize when looking back.

Little things that made you do big decisions.

Fast fading moments that made you feel alive, breathe deeper.

The people who made you feel good just being yourself.

They do happen. We just don’t pay attention.

I was lucky enough today to spot one of my miracles. I wouldn’t have been in London today without Gavin DeGraw. I’m grateful for that. Truly.

Don’t let any of your miracles pass you by. Let’s keep our eyes open, shall we?


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