Poem time!

From time to time I scribble with some poems. I would like to share some of them with you guys. Writing poems is hard sometimes. The way I do it, is just sit down when feeling something (angryness, sadness, happyness, bitterness, you name it), and let the words flow. I write just about anything that pops into my mind. The first ones won’t ever be that great, but they somehow get me going. And usually after several ‘poemish’ things I end up with one that I’m very happy about. At that point I feel like I have caught something, that finally I got it on paper! Not sure if I will feel like that reading it again after couple of days, but if I do, then I know I hit the spot somehow.

Hit the spot for me. And that is not a guarantee about that others would like it, too. Sometimes I tend to be a bit, umm, vague with my words, but I love it, because *I* know what I’m talking about. But the reader doesn’t if I don’t give him a glue.

What is a good poem, then? For me it is something that stops me for a moment. Makes me, yeah, stop. Without any thoughts, just the feeling the poem has awaken in me. I can feel the poems, I guess that is the thing for me. It is a good poem, if it makes me feel something. I don’t even have to understand the whole thing, if it just leaves me with the right amount of vagueness. The words used also affect that, I like it when the word can be understood in many ways and they all fit in the poem in a way. Or connecting words that don’t usually belong together. For me at least the unexpectedness is one of good things in poems.

And. If it is hard to write one, it sure is hard to evaluate one, too. For poems, they have their meaning for different people, and I feel that if the poem touches even one person, it is a good one.

I once wrote somewhere (in a poem, I guess) that ‘you have to be ready to write a whole lot of crap to be able to find a pearl’. And that is true. Just don’t be discouraged if the first ones don’t please you, keep writing. Sometimes the pearl can be found easier, sometimes it requires a bit more work. And crap writing, I guess.

So. A long way of saying that there will be some poems of mine. Beware!


i wish you could see
hear read see


i guess
caring is the key
but ya know

my lock can be also picked



you’re lovely, he said
do you ever get the feeling
you just need to run away
this is one of those moments, he said
will you run away with me

he saw the ring on my finger
what’s about that ring, he asked
and then he didn’t want to know anything more
too bad, he said, what a shame,
he said

those wrong words
from the very wrong man
i loved him for saying that
for a second
before i shaked my head
and he turned his back on me

softly he touched me before he walked away


everybody keeps telling
you should never give up
you never know how close you are
you are just about to break through

but it’s not true

I never will be
I should never be
I cannot break through
I may not
it’s forbidden and I need to give up


Invisible, though impossible to restrain,
all in me, all in you
necessity overflows


Gazing through the space
amazed within
veiled stars can be seen
in the deeps, deeps

Nothing else matters.


Look up, to the sky,
look, now.
Do you see how the space yields?
We are not that far from each other
after all.


there’s no words.
not any words will suffice.
i’ll remain silent
the only wisdom I have
hides inside
without any words


I hate you dearly
for making me love you so bad.

Reading them through

Hmph. I liked those when I wrote them. Now, I don’t know. I mean, I don’t really know. There is something in them, true, for me, but perhaps not that much I thought there would be.

And the scariest part in writing is letting someone actually read it.

So, dear reader, I would be extra thankful for hearing what do you think. If it is crap, just let me know. It just means I need to do some more writing before I can find the real pearl.


What do you think?

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