My 10 of things: Annoyances

Yeah. You might guess already. Today I’m feeling a bit annoyed by lots of things. I just thought I could share 10 of them with you.

 1. My blog

Yes, you read correctly. My blog. Or, better said, that I don’t have time for it, nor am I especially happy for it’s contents. It annoys me that I once had this feeling that I could actually be a blogger. Ha. It’s not actually the case, for I have no patience for it, or, yes, time. No, that wasn’t rightly put. It’s not patience I’m lacking, it’s preseverance. And time. Time is the key. Sigh. I love my kids, but sometimes, just sometimes I wish… that there would be 48 hours in a day.

 2. Me

Ha. Yeah, I’m many times annoyed by myself. The things I do, or don’t do. Or the things I want, or the things I don’t want. I’m tired of being wrong all the time. I’m tired of looking around the rules what I got to do, I should propably try not be someone else, but myself. That’s freaking hard sometimes, though.

 3. Others

Yeeah. This is going to be rather happy post, don’t you think? The thing I’m annoyed most about other people is their comments, they no doubt mean well with them, but still. ‘It’s allright’, ‘everything is going to be allright’, ‘you never know what will happen’, ‘just follow your heart’, ‘everything will change’… yeah. right. Everything will change as it has done before, right? I mean, c’mon. Seriously. Do you really think I’m gonna believe that crap?

 4. Nobody ever tweeting me back

This is really annoying. I mean, comeon. The whole point of Twitter is having a conversation, right? At least I feel it that way. Maybe I have misunderstood something, it wouldn’t be the first time. So, I have ended up having these conversations all by myself. I wonder, if the people in Twitter is that busy being ‘famous’ they don’t have time to reply. I mean, not talking about celebs, there’s not a chance in there anyways. But someone having plenty of followers and never tweeting back. Hm. Maybe it’s my comments, not them, then? I don’t know, but anyways. ANNOYING.

 5. Coming to work and noticing that I have to start the day with building up a computer

Yes. Annoying. I mean, there’s this ‘culture’ in my workplace that there isn’t enough supplies for us. Not enough of keyboards, mouses, and yes, even the computers, or it seems. Why on earth we end up ‘stealing’ them from each other otherwise? Everybody just goes ‘oh, look, a mouse. I’ll grab that one so I can get some work done’. And others are like ‘oh, i’m gonna work with my fingers, then’.

I mean, seriously. if I just could take a picture, I would show you I’m not exaggerating. The computer next to me has, umm. The screen. Yeah. Not even the ‘computer’-part of it. Welcome to work my fellow workmates, then.

My work sucks. Obviously.

 6. Not being listened

This would especially concern my dear husband, I think. He just can be such a jerk. Not showing a slightest interest of my thoughts and then babbling endlessly about his. Like I care. It works in both ways, hun. I’m pretty sure I didn’t start this, but I don’t know how to stop it either. Annoying. What I need is a better man. Or maybe I need to become a better person myself. Not really sure.

 7. The tv-shows are so bad, or at least the good ones come so late I’m not able staying awake

I’m terrible with tv. I wish I would have more time to just sit back and enjoy the view. But I don’t. The shows I regularily watch are meant for children and the reason I’m watching them is because E is watching them, too. And: they come in propriate time for me.

Bad tv-shows then? Why do they have to be all like some cooking, singing, building, weight loss -or anything competitions. Isn’t there any good stories to tell anymore? I’m not interested watching some fat guy burning some calories and then eating a chocolate bar and crying for it. Yeah, yeah, I’ve been there, done that myself. Ha. But hey, maybe this could be a good for me, though. No need to sit and just watch. I can do so much more with the time I would spend when watching tv.

The only show I’m watching nowadays is Stephen King’s ‘Under the Dome’. Brilliant.

 8. London is too far

It is. I can’t go there for an afternoon and just shop, can I? Oh, sure, if I was amazingly rich and had no obligations what so ever. But, this annoyance is becoming to an end soon enough. Yes, I’m getting my a** in there in February. So sweet. So sweet. Sweeter, even. Can’t wait.

I don’t know why I love that city so much. It somehow, it is… let me put it this way: we understand each other. Me and London.

 9. Gavin DeGraw doesn’t know I exist.

He doesn’t. Isn’t that truly annoying? Or the last birthday boy who made me blog last time. Or anyone I actually look up to. They’re so far away from us, those guys. From Finland, anyways. There’s not really a chance to bump into Gavin on the streets of this small town I live in, is there? Guess not. And, what’s even annoying, it doesn’t matter at all.

 10. The everyday life, realites of my life and the unableness to brake free

The everyday life. Oh. My. God. I can’t stand it! I can’t! Is there anything more, well, annoying than this? More frustrating. More boring. More brain-aching. Geez.

I just wrote a long letter to my husband and told him about my escapism, but he hasn’t yet told me what he thinks. Just like everybody does. They just leave me be. Cool. Anyways, the everyday life is something that really gets me. I need change, I need it so badly I can hardly breathe. And after the change I need another one. I mean, one day off makes me wish another day off and I don’t know when I would be happy just as I am.

Realites of my life. My obligations. They keep me chained to the everyday life. That’s what makes me annoyed by them.

Brake free? My god. If that only could be possible. I would fly as a feather in the wind. Nowadays I feel more like a extremely huge block of a stone.

I’m always the both ends of the line and if I need to try and stay in the middle, I freak.

But who says I can’t be both? The feather and the stone.

My annoyances for this day. What’s annoying you?

(What’s amusing me, is the hidden quotes in this blog post. Ha. Feeling better already. Thanks for reading, folks.)


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