A birthday letter to Ian Somerhalder

Dear Ian,

wishing you the very best birthday and may all your dreams come true. I know you have such important dreams, some of them even similar to mine.

I wanted to write to you, as a gift. Ha. Like it would be any gift to anybody but me. Anyways, just sharing some of my thoughts, imaginary with you. And you know. There’s always hope. A chance. That is the reason you’re doing your great job with the kids and the planet, right? You just can’t give up hope.

None of us can. That would lead us to a disaster.

I have been easily giving up my dreams, hopes, visions, you know, for all of my life. I like to think that I might have learned a thing or two from you. I’d like to thank you for them, for the sake of this great day, obviously.

First of all, you have taught me that I can do something. I mean, me. Seriously, me. I have felt like there’s no impact on the big picture anyways if I do or if I don’t. What’s the point? If I pick one trash from the ground, what would that matter? Would the planet be saved?

No, I think not. The trash is not important. Picking it up won’t make any difference, but in my mind. The point is, if everyone, I mean each and every one of us picked that one trash from the ground, that would mean something. And, if I don’t do it, who will? In this way, every small deed matters.

It’s hard to remember sometimes. I would so much like to see great things happen immediately. I have no patience what so ever. But as I have heard from someone pretty wise: you have to start local to get global.

Every stream begins with a drop, a tiny drop of water. A single drop. Every ocean is made of huge amounts of single drops.

Every small deed counts. That you have taught me.

You have encouraged me to do things. No just plan them in my head and then drop them off – for my dreams tend to be pretty huge. Ha. Seemingly impossible.

Thanks to you I have started blogging (ha, I almost wrote bogging), not with great success though, and lately I haven’t had any time for it either. But anyways. It’s something I used to look up to, dream about. Now doing it.

Thanks to you I have joined in a local nature conserving association called ‘the friends of nature’.

Thanks to you I have started donating money regularly to preserving the Baltic Sea. The only difficulty in starting to donate was that I couldn’t choose. There are so, so, so many things I would like to get my hands on. So many things that need to be better, decisions made better, more wisely. So many things that are just waiting that someone would do something.

But, I told myself, the most important thing I can do, is start doing.

Not get all tangled up when trying to discern what the most important thing is: the climate change, preserving oceans, rainforests, animal abuse, extinction of species…? They are all so important, but one can do only so much. I bet you get that feeling sometimes.

The most important thing I’m grateful to you must be that you have somehow waken me up. In many ways. Hard to tell exactly.

One thing made me think yesterday when I was youtubing you (ha! my hobby, kind of), was when you was talking about young ones, that we somehow wait them to grow up and after that they can get involved. That they can do awful lot already, when young. The thought somehow, you know, umm, woke me, again. I agree completely with you.

Our hope lies in the next generation, true. If we can teach them, show them that we care, show them to do things when they are young, they probably continue doing it when adults, perhaps even teaching it to their own kids.

I have this great appreciation to those who follow their hearts. Who can inspire others, who keep going no matter what. Who can be so damn hot and still admit that they love kitties, uhh! (That one was kind of out of the line, sorry, umm, but true though, hahah.) For those who take responsibility, who use their influence in good and be an example to many.

When I first fell for you, it was your looks. Or Damon’s, actually. Then I learned to know more about your thoughts, values, your life and your passion. That makes you really especial to me. To so many of us.

With these words and thoughts I would like to wish you all the best in your life. Keep going. Never give up hope. You know, I won’t.

With lots of love,



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