Flying with time


Oh, man, time does fly.

I mean, I just logged in here and there it was. WordPress was wishing me happy anniversary. ‘Thank you for flying with us’ it said. I could say it another way around: Thank you for making me. Fly, I mean. That is something I really dream about. Flying.

Not in real, though. I’m talking about flying on a imaginary level. In my head. With new thoughts, new words, new experiences. With new feelings. I dream about the feeling that I’m taking off, flying high above the clouds. Actually doing something, achieving my dream, following my heart, making progress, getting somewhere. That’s what I’m calling flying.

This year – my god, how fast it has passed by! – has been… umm. Just a regular year, common, with no great surprises, but I have also flied a bit. Started a blog, I have (and now I’m typing like Yoda, gosh). Blogging was a thing for me, one part from the ‘doing something’-section.

Writing has always been a way of clearing my thoughts to me, making thoughts more real. I have written these texts just sitting down with my computer and having this feeling about the thing I would like to write about. I don’t usually plan very hard what I’m going to put in to words – and I guess it shows… But then again, this is me. This is how I do things. And if I would like to follow my heart, I shouldn’t listen anyone’s advices how to get there, right? As shouldn’t you either.

Well, what has this year teached to me? Let’s see. I have learned that

  • I’m not very good at planning web pages. I don’t have time (or brain) enough  to make my blog as beautiful I would like it to be.
  • The hardest part in writing is actually doing the job (keep on typing when something else in mind).
  • Following a dream can be really hard and annoying, but it can lift you up when you just don’t give up.
  • Having two kids is much easier than I feared and much harder than I hoped.
  • Some people actually do like my scribblings (in my writing class at least – or they told me so anyways).
  • Twittering is fun and addictive.
  • I don’t know how to live without my smart phone anymore.
  • The thing who I am is changeable, shifting anew with every people I meet, a word I say, a thought I think. And I’m about to get to know myself.

I think that the greatest goal in our lives could be just that. Getting to know ourselves. The real ones, behind all the scenes we create to fool others. And after that, being who we are. And then – flying together.


What do you think?

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