True or false: Bigger the risk, better the prize

DSCN5017Okay, this thought appeared to me when trying to sleep one night. It seems that I have these ‘wise’ thoughts many times when almost in sleep. It had something to do with one of my stuff that I’m writing at the moment. One character just popped into my mind and said: “Bigger the risk, better the prize.” It was about taking chances, grabbing the moment but in the same time losing something very valuable and important. It was almost impossible for me to go to sleep when I started to ponder this in my head. Is it true? Would I take the chance? What do I consider to be most important and how would it feel to lose it all in order to follow a dream? Would I? Would you?

Suddenly I was thinking about casinos and gambling, seeing myself playing cards with friends (I suck in it, btw) and in my sleepy head I was pretty sure I had hit the spot with the statement above. When thinking it all over again, I thought it might not be the case. You can be fooled, you know. The risk can be enormous while the prize isn’t that good. People lie. Or then it is just that hard to tell when to stop gambling.

In one cartoon there was this rooster who found the end of the rainbow and instead of a pot of gold there was this game of luck. First he won a dirty sock, or actually he got it free. After that he was asked if he wanted to change the sock to the thing that was hiding behind the nearby curtain. Well, without a doubt he wanted to make the change. So they revealed what was behind the curtain: a really fancy car. The rooster was happily surprised. Again he was asked: ‘Surely, you don’t want to keep that, for you could just take a look what is behind the next curtain.’ Well, the exact words weren’t these, but the thought was. And again, the rooster wanted to take the risk. He won again! He got it all: fame, money, luck, friends, girls… just about everything anyone could even imagine. And again he was asked: ‘You can keep that, but you could change all this to the thing that is behind the next curtain.’

A sensible person would have said: ‘I think I’ll just keep all this stuff, thank you’. Right? At this point the risk of losing everything became huge. But the rooster was stunned by his luck and he believed there could be even better things waiting for him. So he wanted change it all! The curtain was lifted and the thing he actually won after all was – yes – the dirty sock.

I think there is a wise thought behind the story. It’s hard to tell when to stop. It could be easy for everybody else, but the person that is in the situation, who is making the decision, it could be really hard. Luck can make us blind. At least I recognize myself in this when playing poker with friends. I never know when to stop. Gosh.

Anyways, the risk that the rooster encountered was huge, the prize wasn’t. I mean, even the risk is big, the prize may not be. The risk is all about the losing part. If you have a lot, you can lose a lot. When you have nothing to lose, could there be any risk at all? No, I don’t think so. Then there is just an opporturnity, a possibility.

I’m not sure if I can actually explain this as I would like. It feels like the thing I would like to say is slipping away, even further with every word I write. I don’t mean I wouldn’t appericiate the possibility part, I am, but we were talking about risks, right? I have never been any good in taking them. I have a dream that one day I would do some decisions, even hard ones, for a higher purpose, something I feel that is right for me, right for the voice of my heart, kind of. Even if it did mean I would lose everything I have already. Standing behind your own truth, that is something that I highly respect. I admire those kind of people who do that.

Hmph. Straying. Sorry.

So, I think the statement is wrongly put. It is not true, not in that way. It could be said: ‘Better the prize, bigger the risk’. I mean, there is no such thing as a free dinner. Nothing in this world is free. Someone has to pay. If you want the big prize, you need to be ready to take huge risks. And if you are lucky enough, you will succeed.

That is what following a dream actually is about, isn’t it?


4 thoughts on “True or false: Bigger the risk, better the prize

  1. Maybe you can buy lottery ticket. Small risk and possibly big WIN. Anyway the post was not so boring to until the end.

    1. Thanks for the tip 😉 Maybe I will buy a ticket one day, that really isn’t a big risk, but the chance is almost zero, too.

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