Being in the dark

The darkness is approaching. There will be a bit darker at 23th March, at least I do hope so. It’s the Earth Hour time again!


The idea in the Earth Hour is quite simple: on that date, where ever you are, just turn out the lights at 20:30 for one hour, to save the planet.

I think that it is a good thing to do, a good way of making a statement, showing to others that you care. But on the other hand being one hour without electric lights is not going to save the planet, no matter how much we would like that happen. It is more about the choises we make every day, the little things that don’t seem to be that important, but when accumulated the importance becomes visible.

You need to start local to become global, said Ian Somerhalder. There is a  wise thought behind these words. You can’t save the planet right away, at once. For everyone of us is just one person and one person can only do so much. The start needs to be local, always. You can’t take over the world and become a world emperor just like that. You need to convince one person at first. Only one. And then another one. It’s the same thing here; you have to start caring about your immediate environment, your neighbourhood, your backyard, your street, your choises at first. Turn out your lights at first. Then convince someone else do it as well. And you know, if we all do just that, amazing things could happen. No, more likely will happen.

It isn’t that easy, though. I have been thinkin myself, too, that there is nothing I can do. Or that nothing that I can do has any meaning at all for the great picture. I have this tendency in me to expect everything happen instantly or not at all. Many things don’t work that way. I need more patiency with my great dreams, I know. And even now I’m thinking that yeah, it would be great to participate, but really, come on, what difference would that make? I don’t ever keep the lights on for no reason anyhow, so why should I pretend to be better/different now?

It’s like being in the church in the Christmas. I mean, if you’re not going to the church on the other days, why would you do it in Christmas? Pretend to be a good christian for a tradition? One of my friends was rather passionate about the subject, she argued with me on the subject a lot. She was certain that people should not do that. I was more on the opinion that it is good to go to the church what ever the reason anyways.

Is this any different? I know I should do it and I do think that it is a great, global thing and I do appriciate those who invented it. I do always think that I should do something, something more than just not buying plastic bags every time I shop in the grocery store (it is a very rare occation if I buy one) or going to work by bus (I never use my own car for that) or anything that is so everydayish to me (and that I feel has no meaning on the subject)… So why not this? Well, this year I have my reason. Pretty damn good reason. I just had a baby, my youngest is only 3-weeks-old, and if I need to take care of her on that time, I’m rather convinced I’m gonna need some electricity! I love candles, but it wouldn’t be a good idea this time. It just wouldn’t.

So maybe I could do it on some other day? When she is fast asleep? It’s a good idea, but if I don’t do it when others do, it’s more likely not to do it at all. Maybe that is the thought behind this? That if the others turn out their lights, maybe someone else will, too. We have a great impact on each other, we just don’t realize it in our everyday lifes. It is said that don’t do as I say, do as I do. Meaning that everyone can be the example, carry on believing, hoping and changing lifes. We don’t have to be extra-famous for being able to do that. Being just you and just me is enough.

Let’s do the difference, shall we?



What do you think?

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