Travelling with Damedo

I made a bus trip one day. Well, that’s not that extraordinary to me, I’m rather doing that like every day. The thing that made the journey different was that I was trying to see things more through my smart phone’s camera. It gave me some new perspectives and something new to think about. The journey I made was done from town of Outokumpu to city of Kuopio, it’s about 100 km between them. I was travelling to see my mom and the last pictures are from her home. I thought that I should share some of the views I travel through every day, maybe that could make me feel that it isn’t that everydayish to me either. Really see, where you are going, of through what. A Finnish poet Maaria Leinonen has said it somehow like this: Taking a journey with a friend is as important than getting there, unless more important. (Sorry about my translation, it is beautifully said in Finnish anyways.)

So. Here we go. I think I’m going to cut the babbling-part this time and let the pictures tell the story instead. Travel with me, will you?




Oh, and then the next day we went shopping to the pretty new shopping center in Kuopio, Matkus. See?


So, this was my trip this time. Some moments, some passing views. It is interesting to take pictures from a moving vehicle and for my surprise some of these did actually look just fine to me. So, now you have seen same things as I, ordinary Finnish countryside. Welcome to my everyday!


3 thoughts on “Travelling with Damedo

  1. Winter might not be the best time to see the countrysides. But they are beautiful. Just a suggestion but if you change the theme. So that the posts can be easily navigated and clear to see.

    1. I agree completely with you that the blog is not very easy to use and not that beautiful and -hah- professional looking as I would like. I’m not very good in visual things :p if you have a better suggestion for a theme or some other ideas I would be happy to hear about them. I should work on it soon. Thanks for commenting!

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