Dear followers

This morning I had a strange thought when sitting on a bus. I started to make comparisons between the amount of followers of the people I follow in Twitter. I know. But it has to be said for my defence that I was bored.

And then the picture just flared in my head. Imagine if the followers would be really following those persons. I mean, walking behind them, crowding around. It wouldn’t be that crowdy around me, though. But just imagine someone having over 3 million followers. That would be, umm. Impractical at least. What kind of an army would that be! Gosh.

Later I imagined the same person going through his contacts in Twitter, looking offhandedly the messages. I was overwhelmed by the thought. With so many followers, how many messages would I have. How many of them I would actually be able to read. Really read. Uh. It was kind a realization for me again. How distant I’m from the world of the popularity – and even more: how happy I am for it. It could be like having a child. Let me explain. You couldn’t really imagine how your life would be if you had a baby – untill you’ll have one. I think it’s the same with the popularity-thing. You can imagine things, but the reality always strikes back. You’ll know how it is like only after you already are there.

I also realized that with all that popularity becomes a huge responsibility. The person is kind of a leader to those who follow. Not in a real meaning of the word, of course. But just imagine your words would have that much impact on the world. Your attitudes, your values, your everything would be put under the microscope. If you would have a bad day, and you didn’t choose your words with care, who knows where it would lead.

Ok. I’m exaggerating, true, but still. It’s more like a community, a city of people knowing all the same person. But I still can’t let go of the thought of the leadership. There is power in the words, there is influence, whether it is noticed or not. So, I think I’m gonna be more cautious with my words.

Oh. Maybe not. I don’t have 3 million followers. Yet.


What do you think?

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