A huge mess

At the moment I’m in kind of a existential crisis. I have looked this blog through and I have noticed something worrying.

This blog is a huge mess, I think. I have written about just anything. I should divide these things as a different blogs, if I was a decent blogger, right?

Well, I’m not.

I’m a mess, too, and this thing is all about me and my thoughts, so why bother. I think I have tried to please everyone, but that is going to stop right now. I will write anything I want, as I should have done from the beginning – and in a way I have, but I have this feeling I should listen more myself. I have forgotten to do that.

I hope you remember to listen yourself and your innermost feelings and not so much about what others might think. That is their problem, not ours, right?

There will be more interesting posts, I promise. Someday. Of something.

Oh, have you noticed I added a new pages on the left. Something about loving and why to do so. I feel that might be interesting to me to keep going. Take a look!


2 thoughts on “A huge mess

    1. It’s my blog and still I find it comforting to have others to back me up, you know. It’s somehow harder to keep it just me, but that’s the direction anyways. I appereciate people who really have that confidence to be who they are and nothing more. I wish that someday I could be one of them.
      Thank you for your comment!

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