Fifty shades of boredom

At first I need to tell you something. I’m not proud of what I am going to say, not at all. I have been driven into one new(ish) hypes, and that was my own choise. Gosh. I have always felt a bit superior for not following everything that the others are. That has been my ideology, kind of, to be deliberately different. So, that is the reason, I’m not feeling that proud to say that I have read “Fifty shades of Gray” by E L James.  The thing I know now what everybody are talking about is smoothing my bitterness, but not all of it. I’m not all that serious, though.

When I saw it in a bookstore I was intrigued by it. I didn’t actually think twice before I bought it. The look the salesperson gave me made me think that I was doing something… fishy. I didn’t care. The book devoured me. I couldn’t put it away from my hands. I almost was late from my work for it. I already pictured myself explaining my boss why I wasn’t there in time. That should have been interesting. Hmph.

The story wasn’t that intriguing, though. Everything was pretty much, uh, you know, having sex, planning to have it, or discussing about it. The rest of the book after three quarters was absolutely dull for me. Yeah, they hade done it several times and they still did it. What’s the point? In the end I was a bit disappointed. I had hoped that there would have been something else in it, too, some meaning behind it, some message perhaps. But the way I found it there was nothing.

I had heard about how the story had its beginning as a fanfiction of Twilight. I found it disturbing to see all the similarities, though I don’t know if I had noticed it if I hadn’t known it beforehands. It made me think of the responsibility of the author, any one, mine as well. Where is the line of acceptable similarity and only annoying and disturbing plagiarism? I think there could be different answers for that, any person could have their own boundaries for it. I found it annoying and too easily pointed out.

The similarities made me sneer all by myself. Here’s few to mention:

  • The looks of the characters, their characteristics, the way they are intoxicated by each other. Christian even tells Ana to stay away from him, as does Edward, for they evidently are not that good for anyone.
  • There is something similar in the way the girl settles in the relation of the guys previous experiences – meaning that Christian hasn’t  met anyone that doesn’t fit any of the categories being a master or a servant. Edward on the other hand hasn’t met anyone whose mind he can’t read. There is something surprising in the relation that makes the guy more interested.
  • The girl is similarly overwhelmed by the guy in both stories.
  • Christian looks like Edward or the other way around, they live in a huge house and play the piano with amazing skill.
  • They both are quite bossy and seem to be almost obsessed with being in control, allthough they keep telling that they do it for the girls own good.
  • Yeah, and they both have this huge secret that the girl can’t tell to anyone.

There was a short moment in the very beginning where I anticipated that Christian would turn out to be something more than just a human, or having even some greater secret. I was let down by the fact that there was absolutely no supernatural aspects in the book. (I seem to be always searching for them everywhere and everything I write seems to prove not to be that everyday thing – it could be because the everyday life bogs me down and I need to get away from it in my head if not otherwise.)

Well, okay, there were some pretty good sex acts in it, but it shortly started to bore me. Gosh. The story in the background didn’t move a tiny bit forward. At all. It was boring and felt unimportant, I got the feeling that the writer only wanted to move on to next sex-part. I have to admit, I don’t have much experience about reading a stuff like this, maybe it is just like that in every erotic book?

It very soon made me feel uneasiness when Ana was all the time soooo excited about Christian and how good time they always had. It didn’t seem a slightest bit real to me. But maybe it wasn’t the point. Maybe I’m just misunderstanding the finesse of the sort?

I started to think what is the thing that made this book such a hype. I become into a conclusion that it has to have something to do about being daring and writing openly about s&m. I – just to remind you – don’t have the knowledge about other books of the type. You tell me. Why is it such a thing?

So, what did I learn from this not-my-type experience of being part of the present-day hype? The thing that I will not do that again.


What do you think?

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