A bite of the vampire diaries

In the beginning I need to let you guys know that my knowledge about the issue mentioned above is a bit restricted. I haven’t even seen the whole second season trough yet, but I will, sooner or later update my knowledge about this.

The thing that has made me thinking this time is… Well, how to put this? Umm… the whole thing. The characters and their relations and the whole series’ relation to the reality. It has made me go mad.

Let me explain. Elena, for example, is getting on my nerves constantly nowadays. She is so perfect all the time, you know? So wise, so brave, so caring and so independent and so not-human at all. Ok, there might be a slight flavour of envy here. But really, do you know someone who acts so right all the time? I don’t. And I’m definately not like that at all. I don’t know what to say, how to act, what to defend all the time. I feel confused and scared and uneasy. I feel human. Surely, Elena is supposed to feel like that as well, but she always does and says the right things. Annoying, really.

The other thing annoying me is the thing how in time Damon has become more in the center of the thing. Or is it just my imagination? I’m not sure. But hey, there are other characters in it, too, right? Why fuss about the handsome villain all the time? Ok, it is interesting, I agree. Still, I somehow get the feeling that Stefan is more, umm, complicated. No, that’s not rightly put; maybe I meant that Stefans complications aren’t that obvious, but as deep as Damons still. And I don’t like anything that is too precise, too inevitable, too easy to foresee. I like vagueness, the space for my own thoughts and feelings of what might happen next. I’m not happy at all if I know all the time what’s going to happen. Now, I don’t mean, that I would in TVD. I don’t and that’s a great thing.

For example, the last episode of the first season made my imagination just go wild. I found myself picturing the next day in my head over and over again and I did that a long time. Not just a couple of minutes after the episode ended, I thought it more like a couple of days. That was fun. And it was revealed I was completely wrong with almost everything. That was fun, too.

One thing that has made me annoyed, too, is the thing why the main character, the beautiful victim of the handsome vampire, is always some reaaally young one. What it is with these 17-years-olds? Is it their priviledge only? Where are the middle-aged women that interest the gorgeous vampires? Or isn’t that interesting at all to other humans, is that it? The reason why I fuss about this is pretty clear: I’m no 17-years-old and I feel like I shouldn’t even be bothering myself with these things. Are vampires meant for youngsters only?

Ok, back to TVD. I have felt a bit confused now that Tyler has been more in the picture. I mean, my dearest readers, he looks a bit like the hobbit from the secret crushes of mine. The eyes, the way he acts, his expressions. It has made watching him enjoyable and discomforting at the same time. I’ll bet you know what I mean.

Also, I found this similarity between Matt and this Finnish singer called Koop Arponen; and it was amusing to me for a while. Nowadays I don’t even care Matt that much. In the beginning he was one of my favourite characters. I just feel that his pretty uninteresting and dull at the moment.

Just look at these two!

Koop Arponen (left),

Matt Donovan (right)




Oh. I just realized what might be a reason for my annoyance about Damon. I have always felt more connected and interested in about the characters that are not the main ones, but someone near to them. So, if Damon becomes a main one, how can I keep my interest on, though I would like to? A real problem. Yeah. Right. I have noticed that my interest has moved more towards Stefan lately.

My favourite character at the moment is Caroline. I find her really interesting and her progress as a person truly fascinating. See, not a main one, again. But gosh, Elena couldn’t never be my favourite one, not anymore. At first she seemed a warm and caring person and now she is more like a superhuman to me. I ask again: would any one real person act that way? Gosh. Please feel free to argue back, if you wish.

That was pretty much my clearest thoughts about TVD. I like the tension between Damon and Elena, of course, that is always interesting and I think that is one of the carrying forces of the show anyhow. And in the end, despite of my annoyances, I do enjoy watching it, a lot. I wouldn’t be annoyed for any tv show, would I? It has made me think and it has made me feel. That is the thing I’m looking for from a good tv show. How about you?


What do you think?

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