Superficially profound

I have been thinking, you know, again. It’s profoundness this time. I like profoundness, and still I don’t have the endurance to go all the way through. You know, there is always something new and more interesting before I get to the end. That’s me. I have started to call it superficial profoundness.

I don’t like to consider myself as a shallow person, cause I’m not. I just lack the… um. Profoundness? Gosh. I must be deluding myself. What does it mean to be profound, then? Does it mean I have to think some things trough a long time and take every aspect into account? Cause I don’t. Or does it mean I should be interested in profound subjects? As, umm, religion, philosophy, the deeper meaning in life, the learning and evolving yourself? Cause I am. Does profoundness mean always something serious?

This makes me think another thing (see? can’t even finish a blog post without straying…). Writing. I hope that I will be a real publishing author one day. I also hope that they would take me seriously. Meaning that I don’t want to end up into some easygoing, soft and funny category called entertainment. But there’s only one problem with that. I don’t like writing that serious stuff. My words seem to have their own will and they become entertaining all the time. Does that mean shallow? I don’t know.

I once had a friend with who I could have conversations whole night; I mean really the whole night. More than just once we talked until 7 am. About all the things possible. That, I think, was really profound. I miss those moments.

I love the feeling when I can really put my brain into work; meaning in the wondering way, thinking, assuming things, how life would be if something did happen or didn’t. Or what is the reason of all this. The mess we call life. Why the people and the Earth is in the state they are? What should we learn and what could we do?

Still, I would most definately stray soon enough to something else. But similarly interesting. That could be me being all Gemini, again. I met a Sagittarius in a pub once and he wasn’t happy about my explanations and thoughts, at all. He said more than once to me: “That’s not good enough.” He wanted to go deeper, understand the whole thing through – as he should have, Sagittarius as he was. Me, on the other hand, felt that I was digging deeper than usually would have, but being this superficially profound wasn’t good enough for him.

People are surely interesting, don’t you think?


What do you think?

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