Dreaming of… travelling

Ok. I think I told you guys that I’m pretty good at it. Dreaming, I mean. One thing I do dream of constantly is travelling. Gosh, that I want to see everything! This reminds me of one course in my school that was called intercultural competence. I loved it! We had teachers and visitors from many countries and we took a glimpse of other cultures and their ways of life. That surely was interesting. I got the best points in the exam – and the whole year course of our school was taking it. I was proud. I still am. The things just sticked in me, it was so clear and understandable to me. And, oh, did I mention that it was interesting?

That was not the moment when I realized that I wanted to see the world. It was a moment that made it more clear, though. The people are so interesting. The things that are clear and simple to me are very differently understood in other countries, or may be. I feel it highly refreshing to be able to share views and thoughts. Not to mention that I might be a bit curious as well.

The different religions, foods, habits, why they are acting as they are… it all is so interesting, I just can’t explain it. And it is not just that. I mean, I love even the travelling itself. I mean, sitting on a bus is very relaxing for me, the fact that I am moving, and not staying still. I love it. I travel everyday an hour on a bus to work and back and I love it. I need it, the change, the constant change. The one thing I can’t stand is… you know, the everyday life, the feeling that nothing is going to change anyways, so just try to spend the day for a new day to come and then spend it too. That is my nightmare. I. Need. Change. And I think that travelling could do it for me.

I have to admit, I haven’t done it as much as I would like. And the reason is of course my financial things. If I only had the money, I wouldn’t be blogging here. Or actually, I might, but I would be with my laptop somewhere else. *sigh* I have been in London, though, and I fell in love with the city. One of my friends was there later and she told me that there was nothing to do. What? Excuse me? “Nothing to do” is not the first thing that would come into my mind when thinking London. She was there a weekend, and she was bored. I was there a week and it was surely too short time for me.

What made it so highly rewarding experience? I don’t know. I felt like home. I was at ease in the buzz of the city. With all the people. With all the pleases and thankyous. The friend that I had with me that time didn’t get it, the politeness, she answered the questions bluntly and I was ashamed. I tried to tell her that she couldn’t be that Finnish in London, but she didn’t get it. I enjoyed it, though. It was amazing. I also love the thing I have started to call English humour, I don’t know if others mean the same thing with it. I mean, something subtle, and almost unnoticeable, a silent humour, in a Tolkien-kind-of-way. I. Love. It.

I’m not into the humour like throw-a-cake-on-a-facethings. I like to be amused slightly and cleverly.

How did I end up here?

Anyway. Almost any country would do. I will go back to England some day. I also have hopes to visit USA (the English-speaking countries seem more safe to me, I have to admit), but the European countries are interesting as well. There are some very beautiful architectures, old things that intrigue me. Ancient things like in Egypt. Distant things like in Japan. I think that if I could have time to familiarize myself in any country possible, I would find it interesting in some way.

So, I am dreaming of travelling. The change. The new places, new ideas, new thoughst, new people, new me.

Wish I was an author.
Wish I was abroad.
Wish I was an author abroad.

Maybe one day, right?


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