The touch of a vampire

Yeah. I think it will be called that. Unless I change my mind, which is highly expected. Um. My newest novel-to-come. Hopefully. I think I’m going to  share some of my problems with you guys.

I have written three parts of it untill now. And I kinda have come to an end, but there seems still to be some problems for me to solve. If anyone has any ideas or wise advices, I’d be more than happy to hear them.

First of all, I have written it from inside of one characters (the main-one, obviously) heads, in the way the person is telling the story. And now I have some difficulties in placing the needed information in it, because the one person just can’t know everything. It seems that everything just pops out in the end, and I’m pretty unsatisfied with it at this state. I did get an idea that I could take another perspective of it by changing it from “I-form” to “he-form”. Do I make any sense? Sorry about my stunning English skills. I mean, not the whole story, but more like adding some stuff in the middle of the story with the outer view. It’s kinda good idea, but it brings even more problems with it. In where I should put these extra-clips? Should them be in the time-flow of the story or perhaps more loose from the frames? Or should them even become a whole new novel (as it might started to seem lately)?

I started the “he-form”-thing just for getting some information in the story and suddenly I found myself writing a whole lot of stuff that has actually not much relevancy in the first story. Of course, it was information about the characters and their pasts, previous connections and motives, and it was highly enlightening for me as a author. And fun. Oh! I needed to compress myself, but that wasn’t fun at all. So I think if the current muse keeps bothering me with that stuff, I might be persuated to continue the saga even furhter. Or perhaps deeper would be the correct word.

I read from some magazine about the art of ending. In there it was a column about tv-series and their endings, how badly or amazingly they had succeeded. In the middle of reading the column I found myself thinking about me and my skills in ending stuff. I’m bad at it. More than just in one way.

First of all it seems I don’t have that patience needed to actually write the story through always. If I already know what will happen in the end, why bother to write it down? Um.  Very professional approach, do you agree? But let me explain. For me writing is like an adventure itself. I have never been able to plan the whole story through before starting. It is so much more interesting to let it shape to anything it wants to change. And more difficult as well. For the reason described above.

Secondly I feel like keeping it going is easier than to stop sometimes. Or like now, I find myself digging deeper than it was meant in the beginning, or in the middle, or even in the end. There is more to tell in the stories, always. One more reason: it seems my endings just happen. Um. Agreed, strangely put, but it’s true. This one was the second story that I was just writing as always and suddenly after a sentence I realized that ohmygod, this is it. The end. No more words to come. And that kind of ends seems to be rather supprising – for me but for the reader as well, but not bad ones. They leave space for thinking, not saying quite everything. I like them myself, a  lot, but there’s always the question about the readers.

I mean. I know what I had in mind, I know the stories behind the story, I know the hidden motives and all, and for me it could be highly satisfying end, but for a poor reader who has to cope with the hints I have given him it might not be just the same.

See? Straying again. Floating. Gosh, I need to concentrate.

I have decided to let the story be for a moment. While writing I have infatuated myself with it and I need to take some distance. I thought that maybe if I let those problems exist and boil in the story for a while and then read the whole thing through again, I could see the solution.  Do you agree? I mean, they aren’t that great problems anymore, I have the story in my hands. Um. On screen, better said. It just needs some fixing later.

And I will do it, I promise.


What do you think?

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