The foundation of something significant

Been thinking about charity and doing good deeds lately. Been thinking how this planet of ours is in our responsibility, and we need to take care of it. I mean, I haven’t been much activist myself before, and I surely ain’t one now, but I would like to change.

I have loved nature as long as I can remember. I feel like I’m close to something greater than just me when surrounded by huge trees, or standing on a shore, touching massive rocks, feeling the sun… I had forgotten this, though. I was on a holiday couple of weeks ago and I walked in the light green forests where the sun shimmered on the leaves and where the birds sang the way I had never heard before. It felt magical! I felt like I was living in a dream, walking in a fairytale. So beautiful and amazing!

And it is so sad to understand that there  may not be that amazingness much longer.

I have been familiarizing myself to some charity organizations, or some foundations and trying to decide. You know. It’s about my money, anyways. I should be able to be certain of the use of it, right? I thought this on my way home today and I wondered what is the thing that makes a person to do that kind of a decision. The decision of trust. I have heard so many friends, relatives or acquaintances of mine tell me that they won’t give any money because they don’t trust. “How could I know where the money is put?” they say. “I would give, if I knew the aid was going straight where I want it to go.”

And I agree, everytime. But lately I have had this feeling that there must be something to do. If not giving money, maybe actually doing something. Or maybe I just need to trust. Have the faith.

I read from a local newspaper about this Finnish association called Sharewood (that page is only in Finnish, sorry) that has a very interesting way for getting people to do good: on their site they have 49 Finnish aiding organizations and some advertisers, and anyone can join the community. The point is: you can help and give money without actually giving it yourself. The sum of the contribution is formed by the amount of your clickings on the ads. I tried to familiarize myself with it yesterday, but I’m sure I have to give to it some more time. That is surely interesting, though.

It’s been a headache for me to try make a decision. I’m bad at making them now and then. I know what I would like to do, but somehow it feels I’m too small and too alone to actually achieve anything. What would it change if I gave my 5 euros for some foundation, to The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC), for example? Or maybe the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG)? Or to some global thing, to WWF? Or some farther organizations, that doesn’t have any effect in Finland at all? Some foundations founded by celebrities, my favourite ISF, Ian Somerhalder Foundation perhaps? There are so many things that are not quite right in this world, where to start?

I have been thinking about this celebrity-thing. I mean. There could be a possibility people to join in just because of the celebrity. And then again, would that be wrong? If the cause is good, is the ultimate reason for doing good relevant at all? If I would start caring about the Earth because of Ian Somerhalder, why shouldn’t I? I mean. Uh. This is getting hard. I mean that I have always cared for it. It seems that I have had this urge to actually do something, lately. Not just sit and feel horrified about the fact that no-one is doing anything, but actually do.

I have had this dream of mine for a long time. I love animals, particularly cats. I have dreamed to be able to create a whole new place for abandoned cats, a kind of a temporary accommodation for them from where they could be adopted to a new (and a better) home. Well, who knows. Maybe one day?

For me, one thing that restricts me is myself, wanting everything being perfect already. I mean, if I have to start with that 5 euros, then I won’t start at all. Can’t explain. I’m that impatient, I would like to see the world already saved! The wise man mentioned above said: “You have to start local to get global.” How encouraging thought. In a way. The ocean is made of tiny drops of water.

But another question arises: how local? I mean, I suddenly found myself thinking more abstractly. Should I begin with taking care of me? Making sure that I’m balanced and ready to take off? You have to be okay yourself before you can take care others, right? I’m surely confusing myself right now. Where to start? But could it be that developing this kind of an interest would be a sign that I’m ready?

It is easier not to think how this world is at the moment, and how it will be in the future when our kids are adults. Thinking of climate change, deforestation, extincion of species, animal rights and all that ignorance the most of us seem to react these things… it makes me feel pretty uneasy. Uneasy because I know that there has to be a change. There has to be something for me to do. We have to stop this madness.

It is easier just keep on going. But it won’t solve the thing. They may be hidden, but they are still there, very real. That is the reason we need people brave enough to think these things trough and make others think, too. That is the reason I have respect for Ian Somerhalder, for making me take responsibility of my own actions. That may be a small beginning, but it is a beginning anyhow.


What do you think?

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