Yes. They want it ’cause they don’t have it. Zombies, of course. Let me tell you one thing at the very beginning.

I. Don’t. Like. Zombies.

They are disgusting, stupid, ugly – and yes, brainless. And I don’t get it why it’s so cool to have zombies everywhere, I really don’t. But anyhow, here I am, writing about them, so I surely hope this makes me cool as well.

It just crossed my mind when I was reading the local newspaper at my office. There was a small ad about some students who were searching for actors for their little movie – yes. About zombies. The movie was about to be a part of their qualification in studies. There was particularly mentioned what the main characters should be like, about 20-years-old, beautiful and so on. And in the end was said: persons who want to become zombies, don’t have to take part in the casting occation, for they could be just anybody, their looks and age wasn’t important. And, yes, why would it be?

I have to admit, I was tempted. After picturing myself dressed in ragged clothes, limping around craving for brains, I just dropped it off. Uh.

Okay, well, I may be a bit prejudiced on this. I mean, I get it that horror-things just work for some of us. But it seems somehow that I can’t take zombies for real. I mean. Uh. Can’t express myself. Take them seriously, I mean. They are like a joke to me, a very, very disgusting joke. And what are they compared to vampires, anyway?

I love vampires. You know. They are (or at least can be) secretive, intelligent, charming, dangerously sexy – and their body parts arent falling off. I love witty ones, I may have told you that before, but I do. Witty ones have interesting thoughts and they can force me think more clearly or deeply myself.

I seem to reflect everything on myself. Is that just me, or does everybody do that? I seem to understand things better when bounced back from me. Does that mean that I don’t reflect zombies? Uh. I’m confusing myself, now.

I had some other intriguing thought lately when pondering about these brainless creatures. How about a new story about a girl who falls in love with a zombie? That would be as popular as Twilight, right? How about a series about a village full of zombies who live amongst us without us knowing it? Picturing in my head a zombish Damon Salvatore. Uh. I must stop this, if I want to stay sane.

Gosh. That was a pretty scary image.

Really. I don’t get it. What is that so cool about them? Please feel free to enlighten me.


What do you think?

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