Gravity in the relationships

I am reading a book called A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson at the moment (or, not at this particular moment, obviously). That is a very interesting book. I have read only couple of chapters yet, but I have made a whole lot new ideas and thoughts. Just what I needed! The book begins with some information about Earth, space and, well, the beginning. It continues with explaining some laws of nature and how some new branches of science were evolved.

In the school I felt like I understood absolutely nothing about physics and all the complicated sentences and all that. Amusing thing with this book is that it makes everything very simple and understandable. Of course, it doesn’t go in the depths of everything, but sometimes just a glance is enough.

Anyways, I read a chapter about gravity and an idea sparked in my head. How about gravity in the relationships? And now you’re all expecting me to explain what I mean with that. Don’t worry, I will.

In the book was said that the Sun “holds” the Earth. I apologize my inadequate language skills. Maybe I shouldn’t write about science ever again? Anyways, somehow I started to think that in the relationships another person can “hold” the other, in meaning “dominate” or “control”. In the book it was said that only the bigger one can “hold” smaller one, but still the smaller one needs to be quite a big as well. Do I make any sense? I get the feeling I don’t.

I think that there are more than just one specimen of people. I mean, some are “bigger” than others. Meaning that in the relationships some persons seem to be more magnetic. Have this example: who do you think has larger gravity field: a johnsmithwhoever or the Great Movie Star? Right. I agree. Oh, and I’m even developing further these ideas at the moment. See, there’s a zone of life in the solar system, right? A zone where the life is possible. It just crossed my mind, that maybe that is equivalent to relationships, again. The relationship is possible only if it can maintain the certain distance of the involved ones. You get too close and you end up getting burned. Drift away and the feelings will die in the coldness. Gosh, I’m clever today!

You do use expression “fall in love”, right? That was a very aggravating statement for me this  morning. It gave my thoughts even more air beneath their wings. There is a kind of a attraction between people. Maybe the real passion and “gravity” is impossible only those who are strong personalities enough. Suddenly I was wondering if the secret of happy relationship would be equal gravity fields of those involved. If the other is too dominating or strong, the other cannot use his/her will at all and becomes flattened on the ground in a way. If both of them are just “small objects” with no particular gravity fields, they are more likely just drift apart. But if there is room for both of them, they may end up circling ever on and on each other as some binary stars.

I hope you will find your binary star if you haven’t already.

If you have still a moment, I would gladly introduce this song that funnily enough seems to be on the same track of thoughts. Ladies and gentlemen: Poets of the Fall and Gravity.


What do you think?

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