The second day with Damedo!

I’ll bet you guys have been really waiting for this! It’s possible today: to be me again!

So, this is the day of my life 25th of May 2012. Enjoy! (And no, I haven’t got a new phone. Yet.)

I’m working today, so it means early wake up! The one thing I love the most must be the annoying sound of the alarm clock in the morning when you are just about to see the best dream ever. Can’t remember my dream today, though. I’m feeling pretty sleepy at the moment.

I just grab some tea and try to freshen up just a bit. The husband gets up as well and we has to wake E (my 2-year-old daughter) up, too. She’s happy and singing. I wish I could wake up like that! Imagine that sleepy me singing…? Oh my. Or actually, please, don’t!

Walking on the sunny streets works for me. I’m beginning to feel like a human being and ready to act as one as well. No-one else is spotted here. I wonder why.




My bus stop is under construction. Nice. Or better yet, the whole road is. I appriciate the work when it’s finished, but there is something else I would rather see at the morning when waiting my bus to come than some huge machines rumbling around. I’m very faithful to my habits, so here I stand and wait. And wait. And wait. Oh, gosh. Why do I always need to be so on time everywhere. Or, early. Damn. But oh, look. Here it comes. At last!

I spend my time in the bus mostly listening to music and writing. See? This morning I have a mix of Justin Timberlake, Natalie Imbruglia, Tomi Metsäketo and Eminem on my headphones. “See, you can trigger me, but you will never figure me out”, Eminem goes. I stop to think this for a minute, and begin to agree with it. Should I be worried? I look like I am indeed.


 So. One hour later I’m where I’m supposed to be. In Joensuu. The next thing is to get to my work. On the way there I see a lot f hearts. And I mean, really, a lot of them. Have I told you, I have this thing going on: I see hearts just about everywhere I go! Look. I managed to get a photo of one. Does that look like a heart to you, or is it just me? I saw one huge heart in the clouds, and one on the ground that i didn’t take photo of. Funny. And this is where I work. Joensuun Tiedepuisto.

The almost first thing is this. The coffee! Although the coffee machine makes hideous coffee I’m going to drink it anyways. It’s free and I need my caffeine. And look, I have the most sweet coffee mug, right? Bought from Kokemäki in 1999, I think.



The work is exhausting today. I can’t concentrate and the things I’m supposed to write are as dull as, well, you know, dull. Oh my! Doing my best, though. Tweeting. Writing my novel-to-come. I actually reached an end. I’m not sure if that will be the ultimate end, but it feels… you know. Good. I was unable to continue writing, that wasn’t good, for I was soooo bored. Started to think Ian Somerhalder instead. Far more interesting. Uh.

I almost forgot to go the monthly meeting when I was carried away too far. Haha. Just kidding. Of course I was there on time. The lunch time saved me from my misery for a moment. The time seemed to freeze. At this moment I was thinking like Oh my god, could it be three and a half hours – still? Yes. It could.


I amused myself by taking irrelevant photos of anything. See?





After that, back to work. We have so nice statistic system of what are we doing. Great. Just great. I have miscounted these more than just couple of times. The problem is – nobody knows anyway. I start to look like I’m a bit, umm. Stoned, right? You might be upset, but I have to tell you: I’m not. Just boooreed.


Finally. Finally. I’m off! The sunny streets, once again. And how warm the Sun feels. Oh god. I have forgotten this feeling in the winter time. Just loving it. I even enjoy waiting the bus. Feels so good. On my way back home I start writing again. In Finnish, my apologies. I listen to music and get carried away, again. Poets of the Fall is one of my favourites and the song Lift is one of the best. I end up writing down the words that seem to have some meaning for me. “Take me higher, make me fly”. I want to fly. Actually I’m flying at the moment. In my head.

Oh well. One hour later I’m almost back home. Yes, I know. I live in periphery. And this is my door. I love how it looks. It makes me feel, you know. Adult. Responsible. Something like that.




It’s time to have something to eat and at the same time I notice the most beautiful ring in the world in a magazine. Would someone please buy me one? Please? Um. Yes, yes, I get it. Not.  Damn. And then: some more coffee! And oh, can you see it? I might be a vampire. At least I do have red eyes. Is that really coffee I’m having?



The next thing is the most important thing in the whole day: having fun with E! I missed her a lot, I realize it again when I see her and can take her in my arms. How can one love so much? She is so adorable as she can be so witty all the time! All I can do sometimes is just laugh.



We keep on playing. It’s far more fun than working, let me tell you. And it’s propably even more developing; see, my creativity blossoms already. And yes, these pieces of art were made by me. That may be the reason why I work where I do. *sigh*



We have fun. We even start playing some instruments. That doesn’t work very well, when both of us wants to play the same instrument at the same time. E wins, usually. I have played for some time, but I don’t have time for it nowadays as much as I would like. I try to keep my fingers moving, though. E is dancing around making me happy. And now the time flies. That’s not fair. Anyways, it is time to make some porridge for E.

After that it’s time to read some books. E loves Mimmi Lehmä, Mimmi the Cow, who wants always do differently than other cows. I think that could be a sign of E being all Aquarian, at least I do understand her interest well enough. And after the evening story we brush teeth. Or, mom tries and E just keeps her mouth shut. Or bites the brush. Or runs away. Most likely. And me, I’m tearing my hair off. Today E falls to sleep pretty easily, which I’m grateful. I have some things to do, still.

We are going tomorrow to the spa. I can’t wait, really. That could be one reason why the day went sooo sloooww….. Well, anyways, it’s time to freshen up again. And then something very important, as well. Blogging, for example.

I spend some time in Facebook, first. Playing games. Yeah. I’m adult. Kind of. After that, tweeting. And then the rest of the evening goes writing this very exciting documentary.

I’m pretty sure someone after couple of hundred years will use these as a source of information, right? Right?


What do you think?

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