Two versions of one moment: I love you back

Would you be surprised if I told you that I have been thinking lately? Maybe not. It seems that when I get something in my head, it won’t just let go before I give it some space in my world of words. The thing I have been thinking now is relativity in life. How some particular situation or just one moment can have so different meaning to two different people.

There has always been a side of me that wants to understand the wholeness, take into account all the possible versions and sides of things. That could be one reason why I can be a bit strayable or unable to make sudden decisions sometimes. I need to feel that I know where I’m coming from, or anyone else is, too. So, I think, for me this is a very usual subject to ponder upon.

The thing that made me think this time was when I heard a celebrity saying I love you back to some fans who actually freaked out after hearing it. Suddenly I was in the middle of collision of these two: a celebrity and a fan. One moment. You know, for the fan the whole day became macigal with those four little words. The whole week, who knows, the whole year perhaps? Depends on how miserable the fan was, how badly into it. The fan will remember it for a long time. When the fan goes to bed at night she’ll remember. I know I would.

On the other hand the celebrity was just being nice. Perhaps he had had a very long day with paparazzi, magazines, fans, media, interviews, people, fame … all the stuff I’m so far away from. He just walked by and heard someone tell him that he was loved. It was an instant reaction for him, to answer with the words described above. It meant nothing to him. He wouldn’t remember that the next day. It was his way of letting everybody know that he appreciates the love from the unity of the fans he’s recieving. (and this is, of course, only my interpretation of what I saw)

I don’t know if I can really explain what I thought. It felt so… unfair somehow. It made me seriously wonder how the same moment could be so different; I doubt that either of those two understood the others point of view, or, more likely, they just didn’t come to think of it at all. It made me think how we do that all the time. It doesn’t have to be this obvious. Only the one perception, mine that is, is valid, it’s the thing that defines how will I behave, what will I think and feel, how will I interpret the situation. It’s all in the interpretation! You know, the thing is, the truth could always be something very different from it.

It would be eye-opening to keep that in mind. I think I’m going to give it a try.


What do you think?

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