Hero vs. Villain

Thinking again. About heroes and villains this time. The very basics in life, actually. Or in any story, movie or book. What else any stories are about but heroes and villains. Their relationship, their competition to beat each other or to cope with each other. And what else a life is? The first question that popped in my head was why do women fall for villains. It has lead me to this chain of thoughts.

First of all, I need to make this remark: when people are talking about, you know, people, saying things I just said with cursive, they are really talking about themselves, revealing themselves without revealing. Do you get what I try to say? I mean, the real question above would be as true when put in why do I fall for villains. Replacing “I” with “women” just lets me pretend that I may not belong with those who do, but actually everybody could see me, if they wanted. I wouldn’t be thinking why do women fall for villains, if I didn’t, would I? It wouldn’t have anything to do with me, so why would I care?

Ok. That was my remark. Back to business. (Sorry about that, I’m a bit strayable today. Or everyday, actually.)

What is it that makes villains so tempting, so sexy, so charming? What is their secret? Supernatural powers of persuation? I thought a lot about this in a bus this morning. I became into conclusion that there is some aspect of surprise with them. Anything is possible, absolutely anything. It would be acceptable for a villain to do even good deeds, but would a hero be able to do un-heroic acts without losing his stand as a hero? And what  is it that heroes aren’t that interesting? I put it in this way in the bus: the perfection is not interesting, but getting there is. If someone has already got everything what is there for him to achieve anymore? The hero seems to me as a solid and stable, un-changeable. And I (see, not women, but me) do need the change. I live for the change. And maybe there could even be other women who enjoy being able to start the change in the villain.

So, is the charm in the villains only the possibility to change better? A chance to become a dull hero? It is intriguing to think that maybe I will be the change the villain needs. Me. Not anybody, but me. Maybe the charm is about how we feel ourselves with the other person. If I feel special, it’s rather possible for me to feel that the other person is special as well. But how special could I be against a hero? What could I do for him? He could save me from troubles, of course, and then fly away with is his floaty cape, to save others. Why would he need me?

I thought also about the power. It can’t be in the power, the difference between a villain and a hero. They are both strong and have their own supernatural skills, or course. It wouldn’t be much fight in the end of the movie if other one couldn’t stand the challenge. So, it’s not about it. But it could have something to do with the way they use their power. How do they use it, for what they use it. Heroes use their powers to protect, save and help others. Villains just do what ever they want to do.

Let’s take two of my dearest vampires here as an example: Edward Cullen and Damon Salvatore. The hero. The villain. I wonder what would happen if they would be put in the same room and locked inside. That would surely be interesting. Ok. My definition for Edward was the safe fear. On later on I had to give up on the fear-part. He was so decent and good and he made me actually forget that he is a vampire after all. Don’t get me wrong, though, I fell for him, too. Damon, on the other hand, managed to shock me with almost everything he did. It’s not the things you do, it’s how you do it. You know. Damon reminded me about the danger, the real one.

Power and danger. What is it in those that people are drawn to them?

I read from a magazine for some time ago about how the ancient pre-historic humans chose their spouses. The nice ones, the good, protective and caring ones were to be taken as husbands – they would be good father-figures, taking care of the children. The hero saves the day. Then again the dangerous ones would be chosen as sex partners – they have proven their power and they will produce strong offspring. The villain gets the fun.

I wonder if that is the main reason, still. Could it be?

I could be persuated to continue this comparison between EC and DS some other time. I might actually do the persuation myself.


What do you think?

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