A day with Damedo

I might regret this later, but here goes.

Welcome to my life! A photographic documentary about my day 25th April 2012. (I apologize the quality of the photos, crap, I do need a new phone!)

Morning. Waking up late. Not work today. The first thing I need… Yes. Coffee. After a mug or a couple I’m ready to behave like a human being.

Ok. The next thing should be getting to look as a human being as well. And for that I’m going to need some stuff. Yeah.


We are heading out after breakfast, me, my husband A and my daughter E. There is a some kind of a fair in the marketplace in the town center. Though, we live in a small town, so the happening can’t be that big. Couple of stands only, but I still manage to bump into an old friend mine and have a little chat about “how the time flies”. I also have a chat with a salesman about Peru and travelling. Nice.


Back home I enjoy the greenness (is that a word??) of the trees. I so wish that the summer was here already. I’m so tired of this winter that is never going to end. I envy you guys who live somewhere warm! By the way, I need some more coffee at this point.



The great Finnish holiday is approaching (Vappu), the Finnish labour day (the official reason to get drunk, obiviously, to some people). Anyway, in that day we are allowed to behave ourselves “un-Finnish”-way (noisy, happy and dress funny). So, I need to make some masks for E (or myself, but it’s great to be able to use child as a excuse, right?).


The next thing: nap time for E – and for mom as well. After pretending to be sleeping I find myself doing all kinds of Very Important Stuff (emailing, facebooking, blogging…)




Time flies. It’s time to wake E up. Poor thing. I can’t let her sleep as long as she would like, because I’d like to sleep my nights as well… I give E some snacks and enjoy myself a cup of tea.



At the same time I decide to read good old Donald, but E decides otherwise. “Come to play, mom! Look at this, mom! Mommy!” Right. I might have to finish the story later – like never. And oh. This is always funny. The unemployment form. Uh. Me and part time job is definately not a good combination!


I have an argument with my dear husband about whatever (can’t really remember what it was all about) and end up locked in the bathroom looking like this. I try to cheer me up with some jewelry. Always helps.



So, we are off again, me & E. We are going to visit library and do some shopping. The weather is brightening and I love to drive, so I’m not sulking anymore.



E is happy and charming as usual and complete strangers stop by just saying hi to her and smiling. I’m one of a proud mother! E demonstrates her architechtural skills with blocks. Could you believe this was made by 2 year-old? After lending a pile of books we’re out. I notice that I have parked in the correct place after all! (I did park on the not-customer places – but, hey, the correct ones were taken!) But see? There’s my initials (RA)!


Driving back home. On our backyard I see something that grabs my attention: a weird pile of snow. Hey, that must be Mr. Snowman! He has been a bit, umm, deformed.




Finally, the sun! The mom is exhausted after all that shopping and telling E so and so. She is very initiative, active and independent (meaning that mom is ripping her hair off when E is running around, taking things from the shop shelves, eating candy and running again…). But it’s not yet time to relax. E wants to finish the masks.


After giving E something to eat it’s time to have some calories burned. My Mp3 gives me strength to go on and I’m loudly singing along (Ricky Martin, Poets of the Fall, Zen Cafe and Justin Timberlake this time), even if it might be a bit disturbing for the audience. The husband is not complaining, though.


The shower is heavenly! It really is. Afterwards it’s time to give some evening snack for E and put her to sleep. Maybe even something to eat to mom as well. The rest of the evening goes pretty much in the internet. Blogging. I spend 2 hours writing and after publishing I notice that only the very first paragraph has been saved. Crap!

I end up sleeping pretty pissed.

So. That was a day of my very interesting life. I hope you enjoyed being me. A special thanks goes to my niece who gave me this idea “a day with me”-thing, or actually I kinda stole her concept, sorry…

(All of this was written twice. Have your symphaties for me, please.)


2 thoughts on “A day with Damedo

    1. Yes! Do that, I will be most interested 🙂 I think it is very interesting to see how the day can kind of change, I mean, when write about it, one can take some distance from the things that happened, and maybe see even some funny sides of the life. This was very educating for me, at least!

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