Bite me!

Vampires? Bats?Oh yes. I promised to write something about vampires. People are always interested in sex, power and danger as someone said. I think that was much about it what makes vampires so popular. I think they are so popular that it is almost non-popular to write about them anymore. But I have always followed the hypes some time behind…

LestatHow did I familiarize myself with vampires at the first place? I think the very first contact with them must have been the movie “Interview with a vampire” with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, ooh… That was the first time I thought that hey, vampires can be something else too than just scary boogeymans. They were sensual, attractive and ohmygod sexy. I had to read the books of Anne Rice couple of times after that. I wrote to my diary after reading the Interview that it was more real and close to me although the movie was visually more powerful (what an objective observation, right?).

After that there was a long time without them. I read “Count Dracula” by Bram Stroker uuh, scary...with high hopes, but it let me a bit down. I thought it was full of cliches and somehow naive touch of the story. I did enjoy it, though. It was educational and gave me a glimpse of the past. It wasn’t really scary or even sexy or dangerous to me. Still I’m a bit proud to be able to tell people I have read it.

That book kind of turned me down. Then later, I heard people fussing about Twilight and my reaction was very typical for me.I don’t care. Let them fuss all they like. What is that story anyway? A girl having a vampire and a werewolf as her boyfriend?? That was just stupid for me. Then, by an accident, I happened to change TV channel just to see the beginning of the movie “Twilight”. Because I’m just a little (a tiny-winy bit) curious, I decided to watch the beginning. I never thought I would watch the whole thing trough.

But so I did. The next day I went to library and searched the books. Yeah. I had totally changed my opinion about it. That was sexy. That was powerful, that was even dangerous. I felt just a bit dum for not being a teenager, but I didn’t care. I had a plan: if someone acquaintance of mine would see me, I would say I lended the books for someone else (good work, way to go, me!). Nobody saw me. Luckily. I’m not very good in lying.

And oh. WhEddieat can I say. Edward Cullen. My definition of him was the safe fear. Meaning that even he could be dangerous and with no doubt was, he was very traditionally polite and kind at the same time. I had dreamed about a man (a long time before all this) who could see my thoughts without saying, being strong and confident, overwhelming in a way. Well, you know, Edward was all of that. So who can blame me?

Suddenly I was very much interested in vampires. I searched them from the internet, Damonfacebook, all kinds of place. I wanted to feel intoxicated, and I did. I found a game from facebook that was placed in Mystic Falls, based on “The Vampire Diaries” -series that I had never heard of. But I played the game, because there was vampires. Soon that thing took over again. What was Edward Cullen compared to Damon Salvatore? Oh boy. He was just one a sexy beast.

Edward made me write. I started my own story. (For your information: I consider myself as a writer, kind of, having experience from couple of newspapers and short stories and stuff – and I’m holding hopes high to publish a real book one day.) That story has 135 pages at the moment and more to come. I have enjoyed a lot when writing it. And it is all about power, danger and sex. I mean. Not in that way. I’m reading at the moment “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness. It’s a story where a witch and a vampire fall in love. There has been said seduction is hard to discern from hunting. I felt that was much about it as I felt it when writing. And really; isn’t flirting hunting in a way?

Intense power struggles, steamy sexiness, living in the shadows of death. Every moment could be the last. The basics of life, actually. And still far away from the everyday life. Why wouldn’t that interest people?


What do you think?

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