Are your thoughts really yours?

Somebody had sticked a little picture on the bus stop I waited this morning. The picture said: “Have you ever considered are your thoughts really yours?”  That was funny, cause I just had the same thing in my mind. So I have been pondering are my thoughts just a reflection of something or somebody else. How could I know?

I know that I’m pretty easily convinced by witty words. It seems that if somebody knows better, I might just believe. But does he actually? I’m also pretty easily deluded to act as I believed. I want to believe in things. I think that everybody does want to believe. And I don’t mean just believe in God or some religion; I believe we need to know somebody cares about us, that somebody does know better.

When I get excited about things, I’m absolutely one hundred percent sure that I’m born to think the same way as the persons/organizations/teachers/gurus/whatever I’m excited about. And I deeply believe  that I’m thinking that because I do think that way. Do you get it? Hard to explain. I mean. I believe in myself in those kind of moments.

When the time passes, though, I tend to forget what was it that was so great about that whatever. Does anybody want to confess the same behaviour? Or is everybody else different from me? I seem to live my life in cycles (haha, recycling!), I mean it goes like I get excited, become intoxicated, believe in me/thing/person, try to act it out, realize it’s not worth it or never going to happen and then reluctantly letting go. Right. I get it. It’s just me.

But are your thoughts really yours? How could I discern what is me and what is just clever manipulation? Or unintended one? Somehow I tend to think that we are connected to each other, in some way, that it would be impossible to live without others, without them affecting our lives somehow. I think that the greatest wisdom is to believe in yourself but also compromize. Not needlessly, no. But for a good cause.

And it’s enriching to share thoughts, to learn new ones, see things on the other persons point of view as well.

People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity ~ Andrew Carnegie

I’m not content. And still I search for motivation from others. I wrote some thought down today at work, let me tell you: i always think / some other should give me his vigor / the vampire is me, i guess.

Vampires. Yeah. But that’s another story.


What do you think?

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