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The point of this post is this: we are all nothing but strangers. We are all individuals with our own dreams and needs and thoughts. There’s nobody out there that’s perfectly … Continue reading

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True or false: everything will change

There are some people who mean well and want to encourage others when saying ‘it’ll be allright’, ‘it’s okay’, ‘everything will change’, ‘just don’t give up, you’ll get there eventually’. … Continue reading

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Something inside us

There’s something about celebrities. I have been thinking them lately. I have been wondering that why we keep feeling attracted to them, what would be the ultimate reason for it. … Continue reading

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The second take

Oh, alright. You asked for this. Well, I guess you didn’t, actually. I’m so helpless. Ha. I might have told you already that I deeply love a guy called Gavin … Continue reading

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Miracles happen

I have a pendant that says: “Miracles happen”. I thought that when I was in Gavin DeGraw’s concert in London today. I sat there when the music played and the … Continue reading

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Poem time!

From time to time I scribble with some poems. I would like to share some of them with you guys. Writing poems is hard sometimes. The way I do it, … Continue reading

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A birthday letter to Gavin DeGraw

Happy birthday, mr DeGraw! I would sing it, but you wouldn’t hear it anyways, so I think I keep it just written. It seems I’m specializing myself in writing birthday … Continue reading

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My 10 of things: Annoyances

Yeah. You might guess already. Today I’m feeling a bit annoyed by lots of things. I just thought I could share 10 of them with you.  1. My blog Yes, … Continue reading

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A birthday letter to Ian Somerhalder

Dear Ian, wishing you the very best birthday and may all your dreams come true. I know you have such important dreams, some of them even similar to mine. I … Continue reading

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My 10 of things: The books

Right. There’s a new category of mine. My 10 of things. I will enlighten you guys with anything that’s been interesting me and giving you 10 best examples of it. … Continue reading

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